Welcome to Graceway Christian Fellowship

About Graceway Christian Fellowship


Father's Day June 17th is our first service at the new building. Come celebrate with us!   We are now located at 347 Maine Ave, in Farmingdale, Maine.   Enter by the left side of the building.   Service starts at 10 AM.

Graceway Deaf Ministry

We love and support a deaf congregation within Graceway.  Sign language interpreters are available during the Sunday Service for our Deaf members.   Service starts at 10 AM.

Patti & Jimmy are headed to Haiti on a Missions Trip.  Please pray for them.

If you are deaf or learning sign language, join us any Sunday.

Selfies are always questionable!

The Leadership team includes:

Pastor Ann Callahan, Walter Longfellow, Diane Frigon, Pat Bonney, and Ellen Baum.

We can be reached at gracewayteam@gmail.com

Pastor Ann can be reached at 207-504-0909 or anngetsmail@gmail.com